Building Leadership

Working with local leaders to build a shared vision that centers community.

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Mpact:LAB brings local leaders together, providing a space for discovery, exploration, and dialogue. A space for open conversations. A space of emergence and complexity, and a space to step back and see the bigger picture. Mpact: LAB is where we grow people and know-how, together.

Mpact: LAB — Open for Innovation

Catalyze a fresh direction for your stakeholder group.

To learn more, reach out to Sarah Rudolf.


  • Tailored learning, from the basics (Transportation 101) to AMA (ask my anything) with experts, on a topic of your choice
  • Strategy, from mapping stakeholders to framing your issue
  • Leadership development bootcamp
  • MOVE Roundtables

Take the The Lab Quiz. Get a sense of what might fit your local needs.


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MOVE Roundtables

MOVE Roundtables work closely with local stakeholder groups to identify the on-the-ground context, examine a key local issue through the MOVE lenses (Mobility, Opportunity, Voice, Equity) and create momentum in a more collaborative and unified direction.


Is your region gearing up for a transit expansion or building a stakeholder network to support transit, land use plans plus community and economic development? Consider sending a delegation to our annual conference. Delegations use the conference as a launching pad toward stronger collaborative work on the ground.

Download the 2023 Delegation Flyer. To find out more, contact Sarah Rudolf.

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Sarah Rudolf

Associate Director
Sarah manages Mpact: Lab regional capacity building program and works with the CEO in managing the organization.
Contact Sarah
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Leadership Circle: Transit Agency Board Members & City Managers

This Leadership Circle peer group is intended to foster knowledge and connection for transit agency board members and city managers. Recognizing the interconnected role of transit in cities, the Leadership Circle will build ties across agencies and among transit agency boards and city managers. The ultimate goal is to enhance these leaders' ability to serve their communities and be voices for transit-oriented communities.

The Leadership Circle for Transit Agency Board Members and City Managers will meet 4 times total, including at the Mpact Transit + Community conference in Phoenix, November 5-8. If you are planning to attend the conference, this is a great way to maximize the experience. Find out more and sign up here

We Believe The Magic Happens When Local Leaders 
Center Community To Create a Shared Vision.

Mpact : LAB works with local coalitions and collaboratives to:

Galvanize your group by identifying mutual goals and priorities
Boost capacity by providing staggered training opportunities and real-time mentoring
Fuel progress with a series of strategic actions that build toward your larger goal(s)
Equip leaders to use an integrated, intersectional approach their regional transit, mobility and development work
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