Local Host Committee

Independence Hall with Bus. Credit: SEPTA

Our local host committee defines the regional story.

Our annual transit and community development conference weaves together national best practices with the unique strengths, characteristics, and lessons learned at the local level. The local host committee helps this happen by defining the regional story, gathering local leaders and providing insight and context for new projects. The local host committee plans Mobile Workshops and Pre-Conference Events, produces the Welcome Reception, and coordinates a half-day regional session on the last day of the conference.

Mpact Transit + Community Conference 2024 in Philadelphia

Local Host Committee 

  • Jody Holton
    Assistant General Manager, Planning and Strategic Initiatives, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Philadelphia, PA
  • Ariella Maron
    Executive Director, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC)

Jeremy Colello, HNTB

Stacy Bartels, DVRPC
Liz Bradford, SEPTA

Mobile Workshops
Christina Arlt, McCormick Taylor
Jen Dougherty, SEPTA

Regional Day
Joe Clemens, SEPTA
Karin Morris, DVRPC

Mark Alisesky, HDR

Welcome Reception
Betsy Mastaglio, DVRPC

Mpact National Steering Committee Liaison
Kenny Starr, SEPTA


Local Stakeholders Involved

Claire Adler, City of Philadelphia

Renee Androckitis, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

Ariel Ben-Amos, City of Philadelphia

Howard Brown, Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation

Flora Castillo, Pivot Strategies, LLC

Jessica Collazo, LISC Philadelphia

Connor Descheemaker, Transit Forward Philadelphia

Stephanie DiPetrillo, Rutgers University

Aiden Doyle, SEPTA

Catherine Fleming, SEPTA

Andrew Frishikoff, Philadelphia LISC

Lennox Hyman, Jacobs

Kelly Greene, SEPTA

Caroline Ibarra, Arch Street Communications

Christopher Jandoli, HNTB

Nelly Jimenez-Arevalo, ACLAMO

Rosanne Lubeck, Connect the Dots

Heather Martin, WSP

Megan Massey, New Jersey Transit

Betsy Mastaglio, DVRPC

Karin Morris, DVRPC

Emmanuella Myrthil, SEPTA

Tiasia O’Brien, co:census

Matthew Popek, Montgomery County Planning Commission

Douglas Robbins, AECOM

Jason Schupbach, Drexel University

Anna Lynn Smith, Amtrak

Maria Sourbeer, Mosaic CDP

Ryan Spak, Spak Group

Andrew Svekla, DVRPC

Michael Swan, NJ TRANSIT

Paul Vernon, Kimley-Horn

Stacey Woodland, YWCA Tri-County Area

Emily Yates, SEPTA

Stacks of yellow dots

Thanks again to the terrific local host committee for the 2023 conference in Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun!

  • Jessica Mefford-Miller
    CEO, Valley Metro
  • Carol Ketcherside - Local Host Chair
    Valley Metro


  • Bree Boehlke
    Valley Metro
  • Chris Bridges
    City of Goodyear
  • Markus Coleman

    City of Phoenix
  • Caitlin Eberle
    Valley Metro
  • Hillary Foose

    Valley Metro
  • Eric Iwersen

    City of Tempe
  • Kevin Link
    City of Glendale
  • Becky Miller
    Arizona Transit Association
  • Lisa Muller
    Valley Metro
  • Mark McLaren
  • Jessica Parks
  • Ryan Shelton
  • Jodi Sorrell

    City of Mesa
  • Alexis Tameron-Kinsey

    Valley Metro
  • Susan Tierney
    Valley Metro
  • April Trevett

    Valley Metro

Terry Benelli, LISC Phoenix

Tim Bourcet, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Chris Bridges, City of Goodyear

Kristen Busby, ULI Arizona

Markus Colemen, City of Phoenix

Robert Forrest, Valley Metro

Carol Ketcherside, Valley Metro

Audra Koester Thomas, Maricopa Association of Governments

Mark McLaren, HDR

Francisca Montoya, Raza Development Fund

Deborah Salon, ASU - School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

Jodi Sorrell, City of Mesa

Maria Tyne, Gannett Flemming

Ryan Wozniak, TYLin Group

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