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Mpact Transit + Community Conference 2024, Philadelphia October 20-23

Call for Speakers – February 26 – March 29

Speaker with mic along with other speakers and audience. Mpact Transit + Community Phoenix 2023

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal for the Call for Speakers.

We're eager to take a look!  

Make plans to join us for the
Mpact Transit + Community conference in Philadelphia, October 20--23, 2024 

Curious to know more about past conferences?  Watch videos of sessions from Phoenix and other past conferences here. Find out about the Mpact PK Slam on the Mpact Innovators page, here, including links PK Slam presentations from past years.

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Call for speakers 

The Call for Speakers for the 2024 Mpact Transit + Community conference is from February 26 to March 29, 2024.

What is the process?

April  After the Call for Speakers closes, proposals will be read, sorted and ranked by members of our National Steering Committee (NSC). 

May  The full National Steering Committee will meet to discuss proposals and curate topics and sessions. Individual NSC members will choose specific sessions to coordinate. NSC coordinators may reach out to you about your proposal. 

June  The full National Steering Committee will meet again to review and vet proposed conference sessions. This is a back and forth process, involving critique of individual sessions and the program as a whole. Speakers and topics may be adjusted at this point. 

July  National Steering Committee members will reach out to confirm speakers for sessions and confirm the content to be covered. 

August  All proposers will have a final decision about whether they will be speakers or not in 2024. 

September-early October  National Steering Committee coordinators will meet with their session’s speakers to go over the flow of content and audience engagement at the conference. 

Mpact Transit + Community, October 20-23, 2024 in historic, beautiful, richly multimodal Philadelphia!

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call for speakers

The Call for Speakers for the 2024 Mpact Transit + Community Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is open from February 26 to March 29.

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photo of speakers and audience at conference in Miami
Attendees conversing with one another

National Steering Committee

Our National Steering Committee (NSC), made up of 40+ professionals from across the United States and Canada, reviews proposals to create high-quality, content rich learning opportunities for our annual transit and community development conference.

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