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Sarah Rudolf

Associate Director
Sarah Rudolph Headshot

Sarah manages Mpact: Lab regional capacity building program and works with the CEO in managing the organization.

Sarah is a dynamic facilitator-connector with a passion for collaborative problem solving. As the eldest daughter of a Malaysian-Chinese immigrant mom and White midwestern dad, she grew up with a foot in each of two worlds. Thus began her life work in acknowledging assumptions, identifying shared ground and having brave conversations to find a way forward, together. Her role directing the Mpact LAB allows her to bring this approach to place-based stakeholder groups focused on transit, land use, and community development.

Sarah holds a Masters in Public Policy and Certificate in Nonprofit Studies from the Johns Hopkins University. She and her husband, 2 teenagers and a big lazy dog reside in Roseville, MN, where Sarah serves on the city’s Public Works, Environment & Transportation Commission. After retiring from roller derby, she now dabbles in hiking, gardening and trying to maintain her Swahili Duolingo streak.

Kammy Horne, CEO, Mpact

Kammy Horne

Chief Executive Officer
Kammy brings deep experience with transit and a passion for connecting people to her role as the Chief Executive Officer at Mpact
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Andrea Ostergaard, Director of Events, Mpact

Andrea Ostergaard

Director of Events
Andrea leads overall planning and implementation of the annual Mpact Transit + Community conference
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Hilary Reeves Headshot

Hilary Reeves

Marketing and Communications Director
Hilary works to expand the audience for Mpact, handling all aspects of organizational communications and marketing.
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Leah Landes

Leah Landes

Director of Operations
Leah Landes supports all aspects of the organization’s administrative and operations processes.
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Trinity Ek

Program and Partnerships Associate
Trinity Ek supports all of Mpact's programs and manages Mpact's social media.
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