MOVE Roundtables

Working with local stakeholder groups

Group of people pose for a photo. All were part of MOVE Roundtable in Central Indiana
MOVE Roundtables is a place-based program from the same network of savvy, creative risk-takers behind our annual transit and community development conference. We work closely with a local stakeholder group to identify the on-the-ground context, examine a key local issue through the MOVE lenses (Mobility, Opportunity, Voice, Equity) and create momentum in a more collaborative and unified direction.
Phoenix MOVE Roundtable group photo

Stakeholder Groups

Roundtable groups are made up of participants from diverse sectors. The intent is to be targeted and strategic, to enable an exciting conversation about what could happen in that community.

“I know we wouldn’t have had those conversations  – and know where they stand – if we had not had this MOVE Roundtable.”

Ambre Marr, State Legislative Director, AARP Indiana

“I can tell there’s a difference. People are connecting with AARP on more topics and with one another in new ways because of the Roundtable.”

Sheila Holm, Community Outreach Director, AARP, St. Louis, MO

“The Roundtable created an environment for honest and real conversations, something I hope we can continue to carry forward as we look to the 2023 conference and beyond, in our daily work.”

Tony Belleau, Transportation, City of Tempe, AZ

“We wanted to get a diverse group of stakeholders from along the corridor together to learn more about the transit changes on the way and open up a new sense of the possibilities this could bring.”

Dave Steele, Executive Director, MobiliSE, Milwaukee, WI

“This MOVE Roundtable session changed the way I think about community engagement, and I will be doing it differently from now on.”

Jarice Rodriguez, Transportation Research Manager, Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works, Miami, FL

Featured Places

Downtown Cleveland. Photo by Erik Drost. Flickr Creative Commons
MOVE Roundtables:


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Signs for Belmont Avenue and Youngstown with big building with columns
MOVE Roundtables:

Youngstown, OH

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MOVE Roundtables:


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MOVE Roundtables...

Are Are Not
Cross-sector, interdisciplinary, diverse A group from one organization
Decision-makers and influencers Head honchos
Focused on a locally relevant topic or issue  Cookie-cutter curriculum
Interactive dialogue Passive webinar
Exploring possibilities  Technical assistance 
Knitting together a core group for collaboration Whomever is able to attend that day 
Figuring out what will work in this context  Applying a solution that worked elsewhere 
Downtown Toronto

MOVE Roundtable Hosts

MOVE Roundtable Hosts are organizations interested in supporting a collaborative conversation in a particular location. Hosts range from national organizations to regional planning bodies or local foundations. We work closely with each roundtable host to develop a roster of cohort members that represent a wide-ranging and inclusive spectrum of professional and personal backgrounds.

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