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MW03 Car-Free Arizona: Achieving Sustainable Dreams at Culdesac

Sunday Nov 5, 2023
9:45 am to 1:15 pm
$65 (includes lunch)

Yes, Arizona is home to the first car-free community built from scratch in the US: Culdesac Tempe. Take a look around. Learn how this mixed-use neighborhood came to be approved in Tempe, about its design, how it is managed and sense of place. Fifty-five percent of the neighborhood is open space and it includes a grocery store, coffee shop, restaurant, bike shop, and coworking space. It’s a community designed around modern mobility, with e-bike garages, over 1,000 bike racks, on-site EV carshare, scooter parking and rideshare pick-up zones. All residents recieve $3,000/year in mobility benefits through a one-of-a-kind partnership with Lyft, Bird, Envoy, and Valley Metro. Go deeper with Culdesac staff, the design team and city staff into these and other details: the development structure, architecture and landscape architecture, heat mitigation, connections to existing neighborhoods and sustainability goals. Culdesac’s developers estimate that residents will emit 50% less transportation-related CO₂ emissions than their neighbors.

Mode: Bus, Walking

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