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MW14 Grand Canal Multi-Use Trail

Tuesday Nov 7, 2023
9:30 am to 12:30 pm

You’ve heard of rail to trail, how about canal path to trail? The Phoenix metro area has 180 miles of canals, more than Venice and Amsterdam combined. Learn how the Grand Canalscape project converted the under-used utility corridor along one segment of canal into an attractive, vibrant and well-utilized community asset – one of the longest multi-use urban trail corridors in the state. Dig into the design details of the numerous at-grade bike/ped crossings where the canal intersects major arterials. As you ride the LRT and bike along the path, get an overview of the history and maintenance of the canals as well as of the multiple-use agreements with the Salt River Project, which manages the canals. You’ll take home fresh ideas about the under-used utility corridors waiting for transformation in your community!

Mode: Bicycling
MW04 MW14Grand Canal Multiuse Credit City of Phoenix

Continuing Education

AICP CM: 2.5

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