Episode 67: Building Statewide Wins for Housing and Climate

Photo from Futurewise shows Governor Inslee signing climate legislation in Washington State, with supporters in the background
Podcast graphic shows a group of climate allies in Washington State. Credit Futurewise

Unedited Transcript Episode 67 Building Statewide Wins for Housing and Climate

Our guest on the Mpact podcast is Alex Brennan, Executive Director of Futurewise in Washington State. Brennan describes bills passed in Washington State focused on “missing middle” housing and climate change, as well as the details of a transit-oriented development (TOD) bill that did not pass this year. Brennan describes the give and take of the legislative process and adjustments in strategy for specific bills. It is fascinating to hear about building the team for success, from lobbyists and legal to organizing and communications.

Futurewise, along with allies around the state, crafted a successful long game for the missing middle bill, which affects housing in all but the smallest cities. The climate change bill addresses climate adaptation and requires that comprehensive plans take steps to reduce emissions and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). Passing it was part of a multi-year effort focused on comprehensive plans.

Listen to the end for notes about other bills passed in Washington State related to condo liability laws, building codes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and access to financing for people previously affected by restrictive covenants. Also see the link below for a session recap from Futurewise, detailing advances for transit-oriented development (TOD).

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