Rail~Volution is now Mpact: Mobility, Community, Possibility

November 18, 2022

"Portland, Oregon, USA - September 13, 2011: People walking on the sidewalk and waiting for the MAX lightrail in downtown Portland."

At the 2022 Rail~Volution conference in Miami we announced our new name, logo and identity. The ideas that have powered Rail~Volution now power Mpact: Mobility, Community, Possibility. Our new name and logo evoke both who we already are as an organization and what we seek to become.

The M represents mobility and access for all, a truly multimodal transit system. It signals the momentum we seek to create, and the movement we are building with all of you.

The word “pact” highlights the commitment we need to make to each other and to our community members. It is only by working together that we can build more just and resilient communities around transit.

As a whole, the name represents the deep and positive impact we strive to have each and every day. The bright, playful design is a nod to the passion and energy of our many partners.

We love where we ended up, and we hope you do too!

Looking forward, this transition will enable us to expand our reach to new stakeholders. It helps us to create a more inclusive movement. And it better prepares us to meet today’s challenges – of building transit-oriented communities that work for people and our planet.

With this change, we now have a name that not only reflects the important work we are already doing — to connect all modes of transit to the vision and goals of the surrounding community – but also a name that positions us to do groundbreaking work  at the intersection of mobility and community in the future. It is a name that challenges us to envision new possibilities.

In coming weeks, we will be sharing the video of the reveal of our new organizational identity, which took place at this year’s conference in Miami. For now, we are sharing a short video about our transition to give you an initial taste of what conference-goers in Miami heard. Please watch the video below. Also watch the video below from Taiwo Jaiyeoba about the transition from Rail~Volution to Mpact.


Rail~Volution is now Mpact



Our new website is also up and running at mpactmobility.org. Please check it out and learn more about the multiple ways we are working to make an impact – via the conference, regional leadership and capacity building and year-round learning.

Lastly, stay tuned for more. Throughout this transition, we look forward to your involvement, ideas and commitment. Let us know what you feel will be key to convey or emphasize as we make the change from Rail~Volution to Mpact. You can reach us via our Contact form. Thank you!

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