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June 7, 2024

Scholarships for web2

Scholarship applications for the 2024 Mpact Transit + Community conference in Philadelphia are open through July 19.

Conference scholarships help bring a diversity of viewpoints and experience to the conference. In 2024, scholarships are prioritized for those working for community-based organizations and advocacy organizations. Follow this link to apply.

One of the goals for the Mpact Transit + Community conference is to offer a welcoming place where people from diverse backgrounds and positions are able to learn, network, and belong. We recognize that attending a conference involves a financial commitment that cannot always be supported by an individual or their organization. Each year we provide a limited number of scholarships to reduce or eliminate these financial barriers. Scholarship funds come from Mpact and are supported by sponsors including (so far): STV and Berks County Community Foundation.

Those seeking scholarships can request a free conference registration, a travel stipend of $500 or both. If you received a scholarship to attend our conference in 2023 in Phoenix or 2022 in Miami (the conference was then called Rail~Volution),  you are not eligible to re-apply.

crowded hallway at Mpact Transit + Community conference

Apply for a scholarship to Mpact Transit + Community 2024 in Philadelphia. The deadline to apply is July 19.

Mpact awarded 22 scholarships for the 2023 conference in Phoenix, to a range of organizations working on transit, health, climate, economic justice, land use policy and more.

Here’s what past scholarship recipients said about the challenges in their communities and what they hoped to learn at Mpact Transit + Community:

Local Challenges

“Where I live is not a connected city. Hubs of economic investment and job growth are out of reach from the people who most need employment opportunities. As large swaths of our immediate community lie vacant and forgotten, investment dollars flow to inner- and outer-ring suburbs leaving the working poor to spend countless hours navigating a complex and disconnected public transportation web. This takes an immeasurable toll on our people.”

“Unreliable transit due in part to railroad blockages.”

“Creating a safe environment for bus riders and increasing awareness of how much good public transit does for a city, its economy and its environmental impact.”

Lack of transit options, especially for underserved populations.

Congestion and lack of parking and land use policies to support sustainable development.

Why do you want to attend Mpact Transit + Community?

“Enhance understanding of how transit, mobility, land use and development intersect and influence the creation of inclusive and livable communities.”

“I am a young professional looking to expand my knowledge in transportation equity advocacy. This conference will help me learn tactics/strategies from other transit advocates and leaders across the country to effectively organize transit riders through my work and help improve quality of life in the long run.”

“I am eager to participate to gain valuable insights, strategies, and best practices from industry leaders and experts. The knowledge I acquire will be shared with my organization’s staff, stakeholders, and community partners, enabling us to shape our future projects, initiatives, and advocacy efforts.”

“This conference offers an amazing opportunity, with experts in the field giving presentations about exactly the issues I’ll be tackling. I’m not sure there’s a better resource out there to learn and be inspired to effect change.”

Reminder: the deadline to apply is July 19. Apply here. 

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