Youngstown, OH

January to February 2023

The Youngstown MOVE Roundtable came together to begin to establish and pursue a vision of Belmont Avenue as a prized gateway into the city. The group asked, “What could we do together to improve Belmont Avenue?

Belmont Avenue was once a thriving locus of activity. It is a main thoroughfare from Liberty Township to Youngstown, Ohio, and a point of access from I-80. Many Youngstown residents have fond memories of enjoying its former amenities, including movie theaters, candy stores, restaurants, and shopping. Over the years, many of these businesses have closed, leaving aging infrastructure, vacant storefronts and a tired streetscape. Despite this, there remain a number of important assets scattered along the corridor: entertainment venues, the university, the hospital, a small business incubator, and an array of ethnic restaurants renowned by locals.

The Youngstown MOVE Roundtable included more than a dozen stakeholders already invested in Belmont Avenue’s success. The group involved representatives from local and regional government, small business owners, arts and culture organizations, economic development, higher education and healthcare institutions, community-focused nonprofits and planning consultants.

The MOVE Roundtable focused on ways to make Belmont Avenue a welcoming and vibrant corridor with a strong sense of place. The participants made it clear from the beginning that they want to take action for change. During the 6 weeks of the program, the Roundtable addressed four key topics: narrative and image shift; transit-oriented development; messaging and vision statement; and corridor revitalization.


Group photo of participants in Youngstown MOVE Roundtable


Signs for Belmont Avenue and Youngstown with big building with columns
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